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Compact automatic machine for medium production made in stainless steel for sealing pre-formed trays.

Equipped with a tray positioning belt and transfer arms to move tray to mould.

Double transfer system which, in the same introduction movement for the trays, moves the closed trays to an exit belt to be removed from the machine once the packaging cyclehas been performed.

Left-over scrap is rewound by the scrapcollector.

Two versions of this machine model are available: the Scorpius 400 and Scorpius 600. The differences between them being the level of production and the sealing area (see picture).

Technical features

Strong construction in stainless steel.
IP 65 protection to a degree.
Programmable controls and easy access to the touch screen.
Access to the mould on both sides of the machine. Easy access to all elements of the machine for maintenance.
Machine available in both right to left, and left to right versions.
Sealing efficiency.
Comercially available components.


Belt acceleration/deceleration movement for liquid products.
Easy format change:

  • Die, pneumatically fixed.
  • Tray positioning by electronic control.
    Packing system:
  • Atmospheric, modified atmosphere, Gas flushing…
    Several presentations:
  • Cut inside (Inner cut), cut outside (Outer cut), “protruding” (Product, higher than the tray), skin, double bubble…
    Can be integrated into a full production line:
  • Infeed conveyor can be adapted to the product requirements and process equipment.
  • Adaptable design.

Turn Key solution

Adaptable to the existing production line.
Complete solutions.
Production and sizing of the line according to requirements.
Synchronization of peripheral elements.
Tray loading systems.
Product dosing.
Control systems:

  • Checkweigher.
  • Metal detector and X rays.
  • Sealing Quality.


Quick and easy format change (without tools).
Optimization of film usage and gas consumption.
Easy to clean.