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Check Mate 3


Ensure a consistently good Modified Atmosphere Packaging quality with headspace analysis.

  • Options for both O2 and CO2/O2 analysis
  • Automatic data logging
  • Easy operation with a 5” color display touchscreen
  • Simple data transfer with CheckMate PC Software
  • Small sample volume requirements from 3 ml


Table top Head space analyzer measuring the gas content in MAP packages

  • O2 measurements
  • O2 + CO2 measurements

Headspace gas analysis is an important part of quality control for MAP products. Accurately measuring the headspace gas levels contributes to ensure a repeatedly high Modified Atmosphere Packaging quality and with Dansensor® CheckMate 3, operators can tell at a glance whether the gas composition meets the required levels.


  • Saves labor time and paperwork due to automatic data logging
  • Easy transfer of quality control data to the Dansensor CheckMate PC software or third party software Measuring range: 1 ppm – 100% (std. 0-20.9%)
  • Reliable quality control of gas flushed products
  • Easy operation – a minimum of training required
  • Large easy to read 5” color display with touch function
  • Available for either oxygen (O2) or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide (O2/CO2) measurement
  • Very small sample volume requirement (from 3 ml)
  • Data transfer via Ethernet/(LAN), USB or RS232
  • Flexible configuration of test scheme, e.g. logging of operator name, batch number, product line, etc.
  • USB connection for external keyboard and bar code scanner
  • Optional built-in printer

Technical features

Available configurationsO2 (Zirconia)O2 & CO2 (Zirconia/dual beam infrared)O2 (Electrochemical)O2 & CO2 (Electrochemical/dual beam infrared)
Key featuresOur fastest and most accurate oxygen sensorOur fastest and most accurate oxygen sensor combined with a full-scale temperature compensated carbon dioxide sensorNot cross-sensitive to alcohol, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. (Electrochemical sensors are consumable sensors)Not cross-sensitive to alcohol, carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide. (Electrochemical sensors are consumable sensors)
Sample volume3 ml6 ml5 ml6 ml
Sample time5 sec10 sec7 sec (typical, can be extended to 12 seconds with Dynamic Sample Time)10 sec (typical, can be extended to 12 seconds with Dynamic Sample Time
Measuring range0-100%0-100%0-100%0-100%
ResolutionO2: 0.001%O2: 0.001% / CO2: 0.1%O2: 0.1% / CO2: 0.1%O2: 0.1% / CO2: 0.1%
Sensor accuracy at 1% O2 and 20% CO2± 0.01% oxygen± 0.01% oxygen and ± 0.8% carbon dioxideBetter than ± 0.25% oxygenBetter than ± 0.25% oxygen and ± 0.8% carbon dioxide
Heating time10 min10 minNone10 min
Dimensions & weight180 x 315 x 220 mm (HxWx D), 3.7 kg
Power supply100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
OptionsBuilt-in printer, CheckMate PC software, SmartPen – retractable syringe, Can Piercer for testing cans and wine bottles, bar code scanner, standard consumable kit ( part no. 300436 )
ConnectionsUSB, Ethernet (RJ45), RS232 (DB9)
Memory1,000 programs (products) and minimum 10,000 measurements, depending on the setup

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