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Entry level horizontal flow wrapper (HFFS) that makes a three sealing pillow pack for those customers who are getting started in flow pack packaging.


  • Machine with a compact design, ideal for small-scale production.
  • Cantilever design cosntruction to optimise machine hygiene and cleaning.
  • 2 m long infeed conveyor.
  • Flexible forming box.
  • Top reel holder with self-centring reel fastening and braking system.
  • Three pairs of rollers for pulling film and longitudinal seals.
  • Rotating jaw sealing head with maximum flexibility.
  • Operator interface based on industrial PC with 7” touchscreen.


  • “No product – No bag” function.
  • Extra metre of feeding conveyor.
  • Photocell for centring printed film.
  • Double reel holder.
  • Date code printers.
  • Gusseting device.
  • Zig-zag cutting knives.
  • Misplaced product detection photocells at sealing jaws.

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