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The main sector of the Company’s business activities is the packaging market where SKIPTER Ltd. is recognized as the leading supplier in Bulgaria.

The activity of the Company is divided onto two major divisions:
• production and distribution of PACKAGING MACHINES;
• distribution of PACKAGING MATERIALS.


Distribution of different kind of packaging consumables such as:
  • EPS disposable trays: more than 300 models, with different shape and dimensions, suitable for packaging of food products, such as meat, fish, poultry, salads, pastry, fruit and vegetables, etc.;
  • EPS foam multilayer trays: high quality standard, suitable for packaging of meat, fish, poultry under Modified Atmosphere on all types of automatic machines;
  • OPS containers: a versatile range of crystal clear packages, suitable for pastry, ice-cream, cakes, sandwiches, fresh salads, semi-ready meals, etc.;
  • PVC stretch film: available in all standard sizes for wrapping on manual and automatic machines;
  • PVC and POLYOLEFINE centerfold shrink film: available in all standard sizes for wrapping on hood packaging machines and semiautomatic and automatic shrink packaging machines;
  • POLYETHYLENE stretch film: for manual and machine wrapping of pallets;
  • Barrier films and vacuum bags: available in different dimensions and according to customers’ requests, suitable for wrapping of meat, cheese and yellow cheese, salami, sausages, etc.;
  • Household products: such as Aluminum foil, standard, microwaveable and pre-cut Cling film, Roasting bags for conventional and microwave ovens, Ice-cube bags, Freezer zipper bags.


Different types of packaging machines designated for wrapping of food and non-food products.
  • Production and distribution of manual desk dispensers operating with and without heating, semiautomatic tunnel and hood packaging machines with L-sealing and semiautomatic sleeve wrapping machines;
  • Distribution of automatic stretch wrapping machines – ULMA;
  • Distribution of semi-automatic and automatic tray-sealers, thermoforming machines, flow-pack packaging machines – ULMA;
  • Distribition of semiautomatic and automatic shrink packaging machines;
  • Distribution of automatic sleeve wrapping machines and palletizing machines;
  • Distribution of vacuum packaging machines;
  • Distribution of retail scales and automatic weighing-labeling systems;
  • Distribution of equipment for packaging with modified atmosphere (MAP), to extend the shelf life of food products – MOCON (DANSENSOR).

The Company has constructed very well done organization and well-developed distributor network with the purpose of complete and timely service and satisfaction of its customers. The Company’s distribution network covers the whole territory of Bulgaria, which gives a great advantage before the competition.

One of the main aspects of the Company’s policy is always to achieve the direct contact with its customers as well as to offer them a combination of services, starting from the consumables supplies, the needed machines for operating and finally, the technical service.

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