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ATLANTA flow pack wrapper (HFFS)

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The new version of the ATLANTA machine includes a motion control system to the well known and established ATLANTA Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS) Wrapping machine. This new version provides new features to the machine keeping its well known high reliability.

This model features the main characteristics of other ULMA machines such as strength, ease of operation, and reliability. In addition, it also features an ergonomic cantilever design that makes cleaning and sanitizing easier. It is also possible to integrate many different automatic and semi-automatic feeders.

The result is the new ATLANTA, a solution for medium to high production demands, and for any automatic line that requires a HFFS automatic wrapping machine.

  • Conveyors with various lengths and types are available.
  • Various automatic feeding systems.
  • “No Product – No bag” function.
  • “Misplaced product – Double Bag” function.
  • Photoelectric sensor for centering of print registered film.
  • Double self centering reel holder.
  • Automatic film reel splicing.
  • Right to Left oriented machine.
  • Stainless Steel version suitable for wet environments.
  • Shrink Film Version.
  • “D-Cam” type jaw version for laminated films.

Technical features

  • Cantilever construction that provides for easy cleaning and maintenance, with easy access to mechanical and electrical components.
  • Left to right operating direction.
  • Rotary cross sealing jaws with an electronic overload safety switch.
  • Self-centring film reel holder with a dancing arm operated brake system.
  • Infeed conveyor 2 meter (6½ ’) long.
  • Adjustable film folding box.
  • Machine parameter settings (bag length, pusher position,… ) via the touch screen control.
  • 5″ Touch screen setting of machine parameters, visible operational status and error messages.
  • The control allows data storage for up to 99 different machine set-ups.

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