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COMPACT and XTRA PLUS models have been specially developed to pack fresh products with stretchable film.

Their reduced dimensions can include integrated weighing – labelling systems. Approximated space needed: 1m2.

Their versatility, strength and automatic use make these models ideal machines for fresh product packing in supermarkets and packing stations.

Technical features

  • Small space needed.
  • Completely automatic operation.
  • Semiautomatic coil exchange.
  • Packing made with PVC and Polyethylene film.
  • Anticorrosive construction.
  • High packing quality with minimum film consumption.
  • C.E. approved.


  • Weighing / labelling system integration kit.
  • Integrated air compressor.
  • Centralised greasing.
  • Automatic feeding unit (Xtra Plus).
  • Working table.
  • Film heater.

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