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MAP Mix Focus

Mid-capacity gas mixer for MAP packaging lines

  • Medium-capacity mixing of 2 or 3 gases
  • Stabile gas flow and accurate gas mix every time
  • Warns when supply gases running low
  • Minimize risk of operator error


The Dansensor® MAP Mix Focus uses an electronic mixing principle to accurately and reliably mix either 2 or 3 food-grade MAP gases. Monitor the gas mixing process in real time with a coherent on-screen overview that includes precise information about the current gas flow, total gas consumption, and actual MAP gas mix.

Don’t waste time and risk errors manually setting up and adjusting your mixer every time you begin packaging a new product. With the Dansensor MAP Mix Focus, specific gas mixes and corresponding alarm levels can be easily entered on the intuitive touchscreen. Three configurations can be saved on the instrument to avoid errors when adjusting the gas mix for different products.

The Dansensor MAP Mix Focus also offers flexibility regarding gas supply and gas mix settings. You no longer need to worry about unstable inlet and outlet pressure levels. Each gas line is fitted with a pressure sensor and an early warning alarm can be programmed to warn (visually and audibly) when supply gases are running low. The mixer easily works with both gas generators and bottled gas that deliver different or varying inlet pressures. It delivers a stabile gas flow and accurate gas mix every time.

The Dansensor MAP Mix Focus features a mid-capacity flow rate, suitable for both flow packaging machines with both direct gas feed, as well as tray sealer and thermoform packaging lines with buffer tanks.

Features & Benefits

  • Reliable outlet gas flow supply for mid-capacity packaging operations
  • Stable and accurate mixing, regardless of inlet pressures
  • Clear on-screen overview of gas mix and gas flush parameters in real time
  • Simple and intuitive set-up and operation
  • Low internal pressure loss from gas inlet to outlet
  • For use with all types of MAP packaging machines in the food industry
  • Models for 2 or 3 gas mixing
  • 3 customizable mixture presets
  • Intuitive touch screen display
  • Real time display of actual gas mix, inlet and outlet pressures and flow rate
  • Sensors warn when supply gas levels low (audio/visual)
  • Wide inlet pressure range (2-10 bar)
  • Dynamic mass flow controllers regulate the flow of gases for accurate automatic mixing

Technical Specifications

General standard features

Mixer configuration2-gas or 3-gas models available with 5” touch screen display


24 VDC I/O logic for start/stop and alarms, for machine interaction

Power supply103-132 / 207-264 VAC (auto ranging), 47-63 Hz
Dimensions & Weight190 x 230 x 375 mm (HxWxD); 12 kg (2-gas) / 14 kg (3-gas)

Mixer parameters

Gas mediaAny mix of dry gases O2, CO2, N2, and clean air (0-50°C gas temperature)
Gas inlet pressure2-10 bar (reduced specifications under 4 bar)
Pressure dropExample: 1 bar at 10 bar input pressure
Gas flow per gas string6-250 L/min
Output gas flowMaximum 500 L/min (2-gas) and 750 l/min (3-gas) depending on mixture setting
Mixer settingsRange: 0% (off), 0.5% – 100%
Mixer accuracy± 2% absolute in flow ranges above 50 L/min total output flow
Operating modesBuffer or flow configuraiton, selectable in software and by installation
Flow measuringTotal and daily consumption

Accessories (optional)

Protection kitIP45 protection (NEMA 3S) frames and covers for front and back
Buffer tank15 liter, stainless steel, approved up to 12 bar


Typical mix (2-gas mixer)N2 70% + CO2 30%, flow range: 20-350 L/min
Typical mix (3-gas mixer)N2 70% + CO2 20% + O2 10%, flow range: 60-350 L/min
Typical mix (2 gases on 3-gas mixer)N2 70% + CO2 30%, flow range: 20-710 L/min


Gas mixing for medium-capacity MAP packaging lines with precise, user-friendly flow control and adjustments.

Gas flow capacity is typically 20-350 liters per minute for the 2-gas mixer or 20-710 liters per minute for the 3-gas version. Maximum capacity per source gas is 250 L/min.

For food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and other products packaged in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

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